Our brand


TAMGA Jewels is the story of two friends passionate about discoveries, adventures and specifically jewelry. The entrepreneurial adventure began in 2019 in order to realize a common dream: Honoring the Moroccan jewel through local craftsmanship. Proud of our cultural heritage, we want to transmit it in our own way: refined, chic and ethical.


Our jewelry reveals the cultural symbolism of Morocco, its treasures, its culture, and its history. A unique experience combining authenticity and modernity for those looking for jewels that tell stories. Through our collections, you can travel back in time and discover the world of symbols and rituals, a glimpse beyond ordinary reality.

Our jewels are made of silver, a Moroccan label that has stood out over time. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by dedicated artisans in the South of Morocco, with the guidance of Tamga Jewels team.


Tamga is a national park located in the High Atlas of Morocco. A site of enchanting beauty, rich in its fauna and flora. The discovery of this nature reserve was an exceptional experience, especially by meeting the locals and the magical peace felt in the surroundings of its lake.